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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Francesco Pianeta

Originally Posted by Berliner View Post
OK it is that easy for you...
Again you have no clue about the boxers! Sauerland never lets theire fighters fight as a Voluntary, would be no different if K2 would offer a little bit more money! Because they can make most the money as a mandatory! But it is the Klitschkos fault right? The just should give more money and then all contenders (who are so quit right now) would jump on the train
Would be interesting how much money should you give in a VOLUNTARY Contract in order to find a contender who wants to take this gift!
Because all in all it is a gift from the champion that he gives you the chance to fight for the titles! One could think that money would be secondary! And that this big chance could be enough. Also they still make more money than in theire last fights! Is that not enough? Plus the chance to make your own name big?
Blame the contenders who are so quit right now and dont call the Klitschkos out! Where is Helenius? Where is Adamek? Where is Pulev? And the other contenders (exept Fury) You dont hear anything of them! Because they just dont want to fight right now! It is just that simple!
Well I'd rather see team wlad say they are in talks with top ten ranked opponents as opposed to saying they are in talks with unranked domestic level guys.

Make offers to top ten contenders. Simple.
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