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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships ****

Alekseev UD
Peterson TKO8
Perez UD
Martin UD
Thompson TKO2!!!
Glazkov vs. Malik Scott - DRAW
Smith SD
Sanchez MD
Reveco UD
Gradovich SD
Nietes vs.Fuentes MAJORITY DRAW
Ambunda UD
van Heerden UD
Russell Jr. UD
Abril UD
Cuadras TKO7


Scoring rules:
Guessing the winner 1 point.
A UD/TKO is rewarded with 1 point.
SD/MD or TD would be rewarded with 2 points.
And Draw equals 4 points.
Featured Fights are rewarded DOUBLE the points.
1st tie breaker - Higher Ko ratio
2nd tie breaker - H2H record
3rd tie breaker - Cash $
4th tie breaker - Overall record

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