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Default Re: How come short fighters no longer use the bob and weave?

Originally Posted by Slickstar View Post
I'm assuming you mean bobbing and weaving the way Mike Tyson or Frazier did.

Floyd is slightly short in the general sense, but for his weight class he has a tall person's build. There are better defensive options for a "tall" boxer like Floyd.

manny can't even cut a ring off or fight on the inside let alone bob n weave. He's as far as you can get from being a swarmer. Fighting inside as a southpaw doesn't utilize the unorthodox southpaw angles.
Tyson tended to use the peek-a-boo style of defense more than the Frazier/Armstrong/Qawi style of bob and weave. That said, your point stands regarding FMJ's method of defending.
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