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Default Re: Julian Jackson v. Ronald Winky Wright

Originally Posted by lora View Post
I don't like Wright's flat footed stance and defensive style against Jackson at all.

jackson is not going to traditionally outbox him, but Wright doesn't fight in a way that will give him any breathing room for stretches, nor does he have the punch to keep jackson overly cautious.

I see him hitting Jackson a lot, but getting wailed on and slowly broken down physically.You saw how much more vulnerable he was without his developed defence against maybe the biggest puncher he fought in JCV, so while i do think he possessed solid durability(which is significantly enhanced against certain styles by his eventually more developed defence) i don't think he's the kind of flat footed, light punching fighter that can stand in front of jackson all night and just take it.

You really want to be controlling the ring and slipping a fair amount of shots against a guy like Julian.Not taking them all on your arms and gloves.i wouldn't pick Starling over jackson either and i think he had perhaps the best consistent glove\arm defensive techniques i've seen., but similar drawbacks to Winky.

Wright will certainly be competitive, but i see Jackson's offensive output and sheer bludgeoning force limiting his own offensive output too much to win.He's not got the ability to really fire back and take the play away like McCallum did, and JAckson is a far more determined formidable beast than the Tito that Winky schooled.

this is assuming both at best at 154.I think Winky could win a decision against the midlleweight-especially post-herol graham -Jackson, who no longer had the same balance or overall offensive ability.

I agree. I think Wright, with his hands held high and taking punches on his gloves gets beaten badly by Jackson.
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