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Originally Posted by Sardu
Ardy, I vaguely remember watching the O'Grady-Watt fight on Halloween night in 1980. Actually, it was November 1, 1980 - the night after Halloween. Anyway, from my recollection O'Grady and his family had some death threats before the fight. Some extremist Protestant group I believe they said was responsible. I remember Sean really getting the better of Watt before the intentional headbutt turned the tide. It was a terrible cut. In the spring of 1981, Watt got his clock cleaned by the great Alexis Arguello which pleased me greatly. My only regret was that Arguello seemed to carry Watt and probably could have kayoed him if he stepped more on the gas pedal so to speak. I went to see the ****ey-Holmes fight on closed circuit television at the casino in Atlantic City. I had recently turned thirteen years old and my grandfather took me. I remember ****ey was called 'the great white hope' and I was wearing a kelly green '****ey Country' T-shirt and white adidas hightop sneakers with green stripes. Two black guys were teasing me and laughing at me after the fight cause' I had a temper tantrum when Coooney lost and was throwing a fit and crying. It was just good natured ribbing though. They were grown men and I, as I explained, was thirteen at the time. I had met ****ey twice, and his mother, one of brothers and one of his sisters so there was an emotional attachment I had which exceeded just being a fan. In 1995, I spoke a couple times by phone with the late James Quarry - older brother of the late Jerry Quarry. I had been sending donations to the Jerry Quarry foundation to prevent pugilistica dementia. James passed away from lung cancer in Oregon in 2002. Jerry pre-deceased him in the first days of 1999. My father was a huge Quarry fan in the 1960's to mid-70's.
Hello Sardu, I have often heard the comment that Jerry Quarry was the best white fighter since the "rock".He was an exciting fighter, his 1rd KO of Shavers testified to that.I have several older brothers, and they are also avid boxing fans,my brothers often spoke of Quarry's prowess, and we were all saddened to hear of his problems in later life, along with his subsequent death.The F.I.S.T organisation fronted by ****ey should hopfully give much needed support to ex boxers in similar predicaments.Good luck to anybody associated with that organisation.

Sardu, I don't know if you have been following the Irish boxing broadcasts on RTE.The broadcasts are streamed on to the internet and can be accessed on An Irish fighter with a lot of talent is fighting this Saturday.His name is Paul McCloskey, and he is from County Derry.The broadcast starts at 9pm Irish time so I would imagine that would be early afternoon US time. McCloskey fights Cesar Bazan the former lightweight champion of the world.
Also on the broadcast is my favourite Irish fighter of the last decade, and that is Neil "Sinky" Sinclair. Sinclair is an big-punching welterweight, who is explosive as he is vulnerable. Neil's best years are most likely behind him, but he can still be tremendously exciting.So if you can find the time,watch this broadcast.
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