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Default Re: List of horrible refereeing jobs that rarely get mentioned as being terrible

Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
Hatton-Floyd then Calzaghe-Hopkins, both reffed by Joe '****' Cortez. Completely switched his reffing around to suit Hopkins after he did everything he could to keep Hatton off Floyd.
Joe Cortez favoured Hopkins?????????? Jeez watch that fight again

Calzaghe barely threw 40 LEGITIMATE punches throughout the fight. The majority were inside of the glove slaps, which used to be called lacing, and are ILLEGAL!!!!!!!! He also threw several blows to the back of Hopkins neck, rabbit punches, also ILLEGAL!!!! A blatant low blow. Then to cap it all off he attempted to ***ually assault Hopkins.
Did Calzaghe get any warnings??? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cortez was biased alright but certainly not to Hopkins
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