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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Francesco Pianeta

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
Your mentioning these fights but let's remember Wladimir has been actively fighting. Thompson is a much more proven fighter than Chisora. Wach is better than Harrison. Your bringing up Wladimir as one of Haye's opponents yet you forget to mention that Wladimir fought Haye in that fight as well.

I'm sure that any level headed boxing fan would agree that while WK's opposition could perhaps be a bit better it is still better than Haye's. Haye isn't even actively fighting so how can you go on as thoughhe is fighting better people? also Mormeck is considered one of Haye's best wins.
Haye and Mormeck fought years go though! Come on! But yeah Haye has nothing on his resume either. He has 2 good cruisers and a bunch of journeymen heavyweights. Monte Barrett,Valuev,John Ruiz were all over age 35. Cherrypicked!

But Wlad is simply milking his titles like the rest of these money loving *****s. Fighting low risk high reward bull**** fights.

Wach,Mormeck and now this Italian guy.
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