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Default Re: List of horrible refereeing jobs that rarely get mentioned as being terrible

Originally Posted by DEFoverOFE99% View Post

This thread is NOT about the ones we all talk about like the obviously bias and utterly disgraceful job done by Referee Russell Mora’s during the Agbeko vs.. Mares bout or the ludicrously awful job done by Referee Gelasio Perez Huerta during the Matthysse vs.. Harris bout

But instead a list of the equally and in many cases even more horrendous jobs done by Referee's that barley if ever get a mention as being such
For me after converting a bunch of my old recorded fights from VHS to DVD I decided to re-watch a few fights one of those fights just happened to be Wladimir Klitschko vs.. Lamon Brewster
And that fight inspired me to come up with this thread after re-watching the pathetically far bellow amateur grade officiating done by Referee Robert Byrd cause as I was re-watching the bout I
Recalled being ****ED and yelling at the TV throw out the fight for not taking points from (CLINCH-KO) do to the fact that there was At Least 6 occasions during the fight AFTER numerous warnings that warranted points being taking away and then to make matters even worse he gave Klitschko a standing 8 count in a fight with no standing 8 counts BUT to me the biggest tragedy of this terrible officiating job was that the next day friends and co-workers that were fans of boxing weren't talking about how bad Byrd was and there was never a mention in any boxing magazines newspaper articles sports shows that covered boxing nothing what so ever about how ****y Byrd was during that fight so I made this thread were we can list other referee's who did **** jobs and never took any flak for it.
Pleas just list a ref and a fight that meets this criteria and why you think he did a bad job

ALSO PLEAS FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ON MY PICK AS WELL AS OTHERS PIC'S AGREE DISAGREE WHATEVER I think it will be interesting to see what we each find to be bad quality's in a Referee

MY # 1. Referee Robert Byrd officiating Wladimir Klitschko vs. Lamon Brewster for reasons mentioned above.
Floyd vs Hatton.
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