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Default Re: Fighters that would have ripped through Mayweather's 43-0

Seriously, what is with people naming Roberto Duran?

He was 19 years old the last time he made 130 pounds. He left the division at 21-0. He had one notable opponent there, Ernesto Marcel who certainly is good/great, but for Marcel it was his first fight above featherweight, the fourth highest he would weigh in his career, and also before his peak. He fought no one else of any relevance. You think a he could keep weight without being drained at 130 for enough years to match Floyd's resume at that weight? Than to gradually move up at the pace Floyd did, not the pace that he did?

Even if you picked the supreme best version of him from each weight class, do you really think a 19 year old novice Duran would go through Genaro, Manfredy, Corrales, C. Hernandez, and Chavez undefeated? Highly doubtful, in my opinion. And that's just Mayweathers' run @ super feather.

That's no knock on Duran. I clearly view him as the much better ATG than Mayweather, that's not in question. More or less just showing the questionable nature of this thread.
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