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Default Re: take abril off tv !!!!!

Originally Posted by ATCer777 View Post
No, you're the idiot.

Mongs like you (Hermit, Freddy, and various Messicans) think Rios actually won that fight. When everyone with two eyes could see that the vast majority of clean punches came from Abril, better offense. Richard controlled the fight to be where he wanted, ring generalship. And to top it off, he damn sure nullified the **** out of Rios's offense, superior defense.

Be mad at Abril. Think his style is ****. But don't for one minute say that one of, if not the, biggest robbery in the past few years was anything but just that.
Stop the generalizing ****, idiot.

You damn well know thats its mostly those 2 names you mentioned that actually gave the fight to Rios.
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