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Default Re: Burns - Vasquez is OFF! 100% confirmed.

Originally Posted by chriswrench View Post
Not much use if like me, people bought tickets to watch the burns fight. Now I've forked out a load of cash for a proper **** card and if the fight does happen, I'd have to fork out again if I wanted to watch that.
Its horrendous behaviour at best. People will have made travel arrangements and booked time off work. Pathetic.
Oh and if he fights liam Walsh, that will just be the straw to break the camel's back.
Yup, pitythefool has spent up to 600 making arrangements for the March 16th date. He'll get almost half of that back when Frank finally decides to let everyone know that the fight -- that never existed in the first place -- has been called off, but still, that's a **** load of money to be robbed of.
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