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Default Very slight pain and discomfort in shoulder while benching

I lift at home, never liked gyms. There are plusses and minuses but on the whole, I prefer lifting at home.

One of the problems training at home, alone, is that I don't have a spotter. Now and then I've had to do the roll of shame as I fail on a rep at benchpressing. Another downside, I think I am coming to realise, is that I have nobody who can critique my form for me.

The most weight I can put on the terribly ****ty bar I have is 100kg. I can only bench that for 4 or 5 reps at present (which I'm pretty embarrassed about considering it's what I weigh right now) - though that may be a psychological limitation as I'm trying to avoid a 100kg roll of shame, which I find unpleasant.

At that weight, I am noticing a very slight pain in my left shoulder. It's a small amount of pain but also... perhaps a sensation that something's not quite... in the right place, if that makes any sense. I find myself rolling it around and a bit of popping or something, afterwards. No such problem on the right.

I'm suspecting that I have to stop training at that weight, which shames me further. Does anyone have any advice, or thoughts on what might be causing it, or can from a relatively qualified position tell me that I'm just being a ***** and it's nothing to worry about? If I do drop the weight, will it ever be right to move back up? I am steadily losing weight but I don't want to always be lifting less than my own bodyweight.

I should note, my grip is barely wider than shoulder-width, as the bar is not full length and the holders on my bench are close to the plates, forcing me to grip inside of them. Could that be a part of the problem?
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