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Default Re: Burns - Vasquez is OFF! 100% confirmed.

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
In all honestly I've sat here for the last fifteen minutes trying to think up an argument so I can give Burns the benefit of the doubt but I simply dont know enough about him or the way his camp does business to do so. I'm still inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt however and say he wanted the fight and the problems have come from promoters not reaching an agreement but, as implied earlier, I'm not informed enough on the situation to defend that position.
Burns has spent about 12k of his own money paying for two training camps for fights that have not happened. He's getting screwed here.

- Burns - Vazquez is announced and tickets go on sale, with no press conference featuring the opponent.

- Vazquez appears on camera in February saying there is no agreement for the fight with Burns.


- Frank issues a statement saying that the reports on forums saying the fight won't happen are false, threads on these issues where closed and the fight continues to be advertised.

- A boxing news journo confirms that on Feb 18th Vazquez told him that he is not coming over for the Burns fight as they have not agreed terms.

- On 2nd March Vazquez was in the gym sparring with Ponce De Leon.

- On 4th March the fight is confirmed as not happening, with illness cited as the reason. A doctors note dated 25th February is provided.
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