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Default Re: Very slight pain and discomfort in shoulder while benching

Originally Posted by Diomedes View Post
I lift at home, never liked gyms. There are plusses and minuses but on the whole, I prefer lifting at home.

One of the problems training at home, alone, is that I don't have a spotter. Now and then I've had to do the roll of shame as I fail on a rep at benchpressing. Another downside, I think I am coming to realise, is that I have nobody who can critique my form for me.

The most weight I can put on the terribly ****ty bar I have is 100kg. I can only bench that for 4 or 5 reps at present (which I'm pretty embarrassed about considering it's what I weigh right now) - though that may be a psychological limitation as I'm trying to avoid a 100kg roll of shame, which I find unpleasant.

At that weight, I am noticing a very slight pain in my left shoulder. It's a small amount of pain but also... perhaps a sensation that something's not quite... in the right place, if that makes any sense. I find myself rolling it around and a bit of popping or something, afterwards. No such problem on the right.

I'm suspecting that I have to stop training at that weight, which shames me further. Does anyone have any advice, or thoughts on what might be causing it, or can from a relatively qualified position tell me that I'm just being a ***** and it's nothing to worry about? If I do drop the weight, will it ever be right to move back up? I am steadily losing weight but I don't want to always be lifting less than my own bodyweight.

I should note, my grip is barely wider than shoulder-width, as the bar is not full length and the holders on my bench are close to the plates, forcing me to grip inside of them. Could that be a part of the problem?
Do you do just as much pulling work? Rows etc.? Rotator Cuff work? Bench is just an exercise that will mess up your shoulders if you don't rest enough and perform complimentary exercises, regardless of form.
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