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Default Re: Fighters Floyd Mayweather must fight to get 15-20 ATG status.

Originally Posted by anj View Post
His career is not very similar to SRL.

SRL's legacy is defined not by the random fighters but by the ATG's.
The way he beat Duran in the second fight, causing the 'no mas' due to SRL's superior skills set and the ability to mentally break an opponent down.
SRL also H2H OWNS Mayweather - no one has Mayweather beating SRL unless they literally just started to watch boxing.

1. Hagler
2. Hearns
3. Duran
4. Benitez
5. Kalule

1. Pacquiao
2. Marquez
3. Castillo
4. Canelo-Trout
5. Golovkin

- There really is no comparison.

Mayweather vs SRL's opponents:
L Hearns (a BRUTAL loss. Mayweather's style especially makes him vulnerable)
D Duran
L Benitez
W Kalule

It's a lot easier to go 43-0 with Mayweather's resume than SRL's.
Whereas SRL's natural weight class is 147-160, FMJ's is 130/135-147, so I think it's unfair to cross-polinate him (FMJ) with the best 154's boxing has seen so far and expect him to dominate - or even beat them.

What I think could be more plausible is the line you toed in an earlier post in this thread - do it p4p & see whether what FMJ accomplished at, say, 135, is less than, equal to, or greater than what other greats did at their own more natural weight class; for example SRL/Hearns at an average 154.

I think your earlier take on Mayweather vis-a-vis Whitaker is right on the money.

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