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Default Re: Fighters Floyd Mayweather must fight to get 15-20 ATG status.

Originally Posted by anj View Post
EDIT: I think I misread your post. If Hearns and Benitez and Duran were in their prime weight, they would beat Mayweather if Mayweather had the same prime weight.
I'll have to beg to differ here...p4p, Duran's fierceness and perception would be similar to Pacquiao's, both toward Mayweather, and Mayweather would beat both. Before Pacquiao's recent KTFO loss/misfortune, he was generally but arguably percieved as being more durable and fierce than Duran, if not more so.

I believe Mayweather would also defeat both Benitez and Hearns, prime p4p. I won't say that of SRL, tho', and SRL would remain above FMJ in my historical rankings, at least for the foreseable future.

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