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Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
I've been asking for links for months on end of anyone associated with the fight ever claiming Vits was hit with any illegal punch. Still no links, just a baseless claim of a still butt sore Nuterhugger living with his own delusions in Klitschko land trying to convince others to come visit.
They should've let Fritz Sdunek check Lennox's wraps, see.

He was packing illegal digits. Steward negligently failed to remove Lennox' gargantuan thumbs and put them on ice until after the match.

Lennox may as well have been using performance enhancing drugs with that leviathan opposable protuberance bolstering the destructive power of each fist.

The extra pouch on Lennox's mitten was meant to be purely decorative, as Cleto Reyes had specially requested their design not be altered despite the agreement between camps that Lennox possessed an unfair advantage with his freakishly strong and rock-hard slabs of thumb meat.

It was, per verbal contractual stipulations solemnly pinky-sworn behind closed doors, to be surgically detached prior to gloving up and then reattached in the dressing room afterwards.

Disgraceful that Lennox was allowed to have all that solid flesh in there. Superhuman anatomical features like that need to be handicapped in the spirit of fairness and sporting parity.


Lewis' entire career & resume are cast into doubt, for me. For all we know he was stuffing those murderous bendy jerk sausages into the compartment typically meant for normal human thumbs during every single match!
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