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Default Re: Very slight pain and discomfort in shoulder while benching

Originally Posted by Diomedes View Post
I do chin-ups and upright rows (I am aware this exercise can be dangerous - I only lift to nipple level, maybe a tad lower even, to keep it safe). I find bent-over rows uncomfortable for my back, so I avoid them. Aside from them, deadlifts, but I doubt they're relevant.

Looking a few things up, I'm wondering if it's to do with my elbow positioning. With the close grip I'm forced into, I think my elbows might be at an awkward angle wider than my hands and shoulders.
It may just be some muscle imbalances caused by your exercise selection. You need to add some lifts where you fully retract your shoulder blades i.e. row variations, band pull aparts, face pulls etc.

Stop doing bench if it hurts, it'll only get worse. Shoulder injuries are the worst, I know from experience.
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