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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Hello Rob. I'm sorry i haven't got back to you sooner, I've been very busy wit this whole top 100 monster in Classic.

You seem quite hostile to the TBR rankings. This concerns me. I can't think of a reason for it aside from that perhaps you feel usurped. If I recall correctly you used to call your own rankings "The Official Rankings of ESB?" I used to follow it quite avidly. There was plenty that I disagreed with but it always seemed that your eye was in the right place an your reasons for doing it were bang on -- your habit of changing your rankings in accordance with what your fellow posters thought is actually quite close to what happens with us.

Rob, posts like this:

Originally Posted by Jonesy
Seriously do these guys even watch boxing!
Aren't helpful and won't be tolerated. Of course we watch boxing. You might watch more boxing than I do, but if you do you'll be one of the few on the forum. I don't watch more boxing than everyone in the TBR and that's a fact. You've seen some things you don't like with our rankings; fine. I've seen plenty I don't like with yours since you began them - the difference is you won't find any seemingly embittered "do these guys even watch boxing!?" type posts in any of your threads.

Of course, there is plenty for you to disagree with - in the past weeks and in the coming years there will be mistakes, mis-steps, bum-moves all sorts of **** like that. I'm not embarrassed by them and although I and the other guys will do our best to cut them off, everyone involved is volunteering their time on their lunch-hours, in their leisure time all for non-profit for pretty much the same reasons you started yours.

The only reason there isn't a thread identical to this one in the British forum is out of respect for that fact that this is where you post your rankings. TRB is fully endorsed by ESB (and about a dozen other websites) and i'm sure you'll agree that not all websites (for example, Boxrec) would be so tolerant as to allow an alternative thread. I don't see it that way. There's more than enough room for both.

I hope you can take the same point of view. If you can't, i'll have to remove your posts. I hope you consider this fair warning.

I'll get to the post you made in a moment.
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