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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

McGrain. Respect to you for getting back to me. I immediatley apolagised for my "do you watch boxing" comment and will again. I am sorry. Yes my hostilaty towards these rankings, although all my comments were genuine, was because of my own rankings.

From my point of view, you have to understand I was given the position of running the official ESB rankings a few years ago as the main mod liked what I was doing. I took the job very seriously, involved the entire forum and never let my personal opinion sway the rankings. I would update them every single week, top 15 in each division.

My eventual goal was to have a simular setup to you guys. Those plans were scupperd by a the mods at the time that had an agenda against me which started because I involved other podcasts and websites in the rankings just like you guys. They didnt like that other podcasts were mentioned on the forum and they didn't support the rankings because there wasnt a formula like Boxrec!!! They banned me, edited my rankings and deleted them.

Things have changed now and those mods have less control or are no longer at ESB. When I came back I hope to get the rankings back of the ground but I was ignored

So there is allot of jelousy there in all honesty as you guys were able to achieve what I wanted to, and the reasons I was not able to achieve that were not down to me.

I have discussed the points i made with someone on your website. I stand by most of my thoughts but accept there other opinions. My comment to Lucafazy was meant to have a laughter symbol next to it to show I was more joking than anything but on my iphone it doesn't come out. The only serious thing thats flat out wrong with your rankings is Tajbert at Super Feather.

In the case of Sturm/Murray. I do think the performances of Sturm after should affect Murrays ranking. There is no actual TBT title at this point in time so fighters don't climb the rankings like the IBF. The rankings should be based on resume and when you consider Murrays resume you will also consider what Sturm did after the fight. I used to rank the way you guys do and a number of fans complained, specifically regarding Murray as well and I came around to that way of thinking. Sturm/Murray/Solimon shouldn't be in the top 10 for me anyway.

I started my rankings because I wanted to clear through the BS Boxrec, The Ring and the alphabets. Your rankings allow me to do that and I will use them from now on. I think you guys could improve your rankings by doing 15 in each division, A Champion should have to defend his title once a year vs a rabked fighter or be stripped (Dawson), and updating the front page of this thread every week.

Sorry again. I hope you understand why I was so frustrated. Imagine if because you got a podcast to promote the TBR Rankings the thread got deleted and all your work went to waste?

Good luck and anyway I can help let me know.

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