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Default Re: In what round would Golovkin KO Geale??

Originally Posted by MidniteProwler View Post
Ahahahaha yes I predicted Mundine to upset Geale but so did many, when the fight started it became very apparent that Mundine was shot, and he still managed to win 3 rounds against Geale Ahahahaha

Deep down Geale fans do not want to see there hero in there with the mighty GGG as they know it will spell the end of his title reign, they might say they want to see it but they don't because we all know how its going to end...

This is why you get so angry and resort to insulting me because you know I'm right Ahahahaha Lets just hope Geale doesn't continue to duck Golovkin
He didn't win any rounds based on the punch stats, you stupid gimp. There were three rounds where they landed evenly but with Geale landing more power shots. Mundine didn't win a round.

It's obvious you are trolling seeing as weeks ago, you were accusing Golovkin of ducking and being overrated, yet since Mundine got his **** handed to him, you've been on a trolling rampage. It really just shows how pathetic you are and that you have ZERO credibility when it comes to boxing.

Every Geale fan wants this fight and it's obvious you've got no evidence to suggest otherwise other than what you think, which has proven to have a very poor track record.

I know that you are used to mediocrity and ducking being a Mundine fan and all, but I'll let you in on a little secret; NOT ALL FIGHTERS ARE PUSSIES LIKE YOUR HERO MUNDINE. Not to mention you watch WWE, which just further proves my point as to how truly pathetic you are.

Go back to masturbating over grown men dry humping each other in WWE and leave boxing to the grown ups. Bye, troll
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