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Originally Posted by andylee
STAMINA TRAINING!!!!!! it is as simple as that! i saw the fight several times over... lee was tired half-way through the fourth, before he got hurt and while he was dominating! he even had to back up and breath with his mouth wide open. steward is to blame! they trained for a quick KO, but found vera's chin to be quite tough.
watch the fight again on; you will see lee was killing him...the ONLY factor was fatigue!!!....NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!!!!!!!!
Lee needs alot more than stamina training.Ok he was beating a c-level middleweight handily for first 3 or 4 rnds but to say only his lack of stamina was his downfall is wrong.
Pavlik could go 15 rnds at a blazing pace.Lee could barely go 6.If he is spending all day every at the gym what the hell is he doing.Where was the guy who was besting Taylor in sparring?
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