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Default Re: Official Aussie NRL Thread

14 players from the sharks, 6 which are current and rest from other clubs. Titans def have one of them and no surprises who.

This from a dude on the titans forum who has a few Nrl contacts

The people that spoke to me 3 or 4 days mentioned a certain Titans name as being in the mix, he has been referred to on this thread. Also mentioned Manly, Cowboys, Dogs and Knights.

This will not be confined to the Sharks but all the other clubs mentioned do not have the number of players implicated that the Sharks do.

My information is that the number of Sharks is 6, not the 14 being bandied around.

The last point to mention is that the entire drug testers case rests on players coming forward and accepting suspensions to avoid risk being slapped with a full 2 years. Given that the drug testers never, ever actually catch anybody there is a fair chance that if the players say nothing they will not actually wear a suspension at all. The next 24 hours will be very interesting.

Finally, this is not just a distraction for Sharks players - it would be a distraction for our squad as well. They are also going to go and play in front of a very angry and very motivated home crowd now. This is not necessarily a good story for us...
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