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Default Re: Harry Greb vs. Fritzie Zivic 15rds.

Originally Posted by Vockerman View Post
Guys, here we have the quintessential product of the times. A man who goes to Google ALONE for his expertise. Despite the fact that even The Great Emancipator warned of this "Don't believe everything you read on the Interwebs." - Abraham Lincoln
A man who insists his views are the only correct ones on the matter in the face of universal and overwhelming evidence against him. One who displays time and again he actually knows nothing of the subject he is expounding on. A man who constantly bends the truth to suit his purposes but screams when the same lax standard is proposed for something he doesn't already believe. A man who admits he knows little to nothing of the man he belittles and who does so for racially motivated reasons. Someone whose opinions are set in the stone of ignorance and is PROUD of that fact. One whose only virtue is that hobgoblin of small minds - consistency.
He is not interested in or capable of rational debate. A man who won't change his mind and can't change the subject. A man never confused by the facts because he refuses to acknowledge any facts that don't support his predetermined conclusion and he also imagines that COUNTS for something with the rest of us!

Gentlemen I give you the prime specimen of the modern "Bigot Troll". Don't feed him and please ignore this ignoramus except to point him back to the general forum where others of his kind repose in the fetid swamp of intolerant ignorance.
Another clown who points the finger instead of defending Greb. Can you put that amout of word into reasons why you like Greb. You better get cracking if you want to seperate yourself from the rest of the moronic cheesers
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