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Default Re: Lesnar Overeem, what was Lesnar thinking!

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
i thought the same thing at the time. he looked fragile (if you could ever call brock that) and seemed to have no gameplan whatsoever.
i picked overeem to win and i dont know if lesnar could beat him but he didnt even give himself a chance.
Yep. Soon as he took the knee to the body, he was looking for a way out. Maybe it was always a cash-out fight, or maybe he genuinely didn't realize just how much strength and confidence his illnesses had taken out of him. But he definitely looked very fragile, and was certainly mentally and physically badly declined. And fair enough, considering just how serious his illnesses were.

He gets a raw deal around here though. Some guys, they get a pass, and others just get hated on. I mean, Shogun's submission loss to Forrest is basically written off entirely because of his knee problems, but Brock losing to Reem and Cain is because he sucks and is a fraud and a joke.

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