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Default Re: Lesnar Overeem, what was Lesnar thinking!

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Yeah, the way Brock ran away from punches then quit the sport whilst Shogun came back won the belt and avenged his defeat are the same thing

''Pass''...nice one
Haven't seen too many guys in their 30s get so badly sick over a span of months - on two different occasions - go through such a dramatic operation as having a foot of colon taken out of their bodies, and then return at anything close to full strength.

Not that Brock was going to beat Reem even without the illness, but let's not pretend that his months and months spent dealing with two bouts of sickness, operations, and subsequent weight loss and muscle atrophy didn't have a MASSIVE impact on his MMA career.

And yes, many fighters get passes for certain losses. Shogun simply being the most notable. Besides, if you're going to trade excuses, Shogun never truly avenged the Forrest defeat.

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