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Default Re: Lesnar Overeem, what was Lesnar thinking!

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
It's about the context and connotations of your original statements regarding the redundant strawman you brought up
To sum up

Brock loses after surgery, and loses some of his best attributes in terms of strength, it's a reason

Shogun loses after knee surgery, loses some of his best attributes in terms of stamina, it's an excuse from his ''pathetic'' fans

Shogun certainly was affected by his knee surgery in the Forrest fight, and in that fight we didn't see Prime Shogun or even Best Possible Version of Shogun. So what? Shogun chose to step into the cage and fight. What happens in there counts.

In the rematch, Forrest certainly was affected by the fact that - as he was walking to the cage - his wife was thousands of miles away giving birth to his first child. So in that fight, we didn't see Prime Forrest or even Best Possible Version of Forrest. Oops, where are the self-appointed MMA experts falling over themselves to make excuses for Forrest and downplay Shogun's win?

Brock stepped into the cage after his sicknesses and surgeries and lost badly. So what? What happened counts. You don't pretend the fights never happened, but neither do you call Brock a bum and a fraud and pretend that his serious illnesses and surgeries meant nothing in terms of his career.

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