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Default Re: the win that got Duran into the top 10?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
not an agenda. If I read something which I think is wrong and gives a fighter too much credit I say what I believe and I bring facts.. It isn't only about Duran. I say the same about Floyd or any fighter I think has not beaten the best, yet is said to be the best of all time.
If I say a guy is not top 10 because he never beat many legends, and never knocked out a great fighter then that is a fact to me, but maybe not to others. I think being rated top 10 over a guy like Manny Pacman who fought and beat more greats than Duran would not be right. And saying Duran would have beat them had he been in shape does not make sense to me, since people said he didn't win because he was older and moved up too high in weight, so being in or out of shape wouldn't matter if those two facts were true. And those things are not explained by Duran fans. If he could not win because he was older and too high in weight, why does he need an excuse that he didn't train? According to his fans he couldn't win against Leonard or Hearns or Benitez anyway.
People love Duran and I understand that, when he won he was furious and impressive, but when he could not dictate the pace after moving up in competition he didn't do as well, and had the excuse of moving up in weight to use, regardless of the fact he moved up to 154 before Hearns,Leonard or Benitez ever did.

And what lie did anyone catch me in? There have been numerous threads on Duran which I ignore. But this is a boxing forum, so I figure people want to hear what I have to say, and lying is not something I do. As a matter of fact I have been very consistent in the over 4 years I have been on the forum.
Your 2 lies: 1. Duran was naturally the bigger man against Benitez. 2.You avoid Duran threads as much as you can. Those are 2 lies that you have written. Just because Duran fought at 154 before Hearns and Benitez does not mean that he was natural at that weight. And after Duran fought initially at 147, he went back down to 135, a fact that you fail to mention. In reality, Duran's physical dimensions were almost identical to Julio Cesar Chavez's, another fact that you ignore, instead insisting that Duran was much bigger than JCC, which is another falsehood on your part.

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