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Default Re: the win that got Duran into the top 10?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
pompous of me? That is not my personality to be honest. I am a humble guy who looks at boxing as facts and tries to be objective and I do not get mad and argue out here. And most of you know this.. This is a boxing forum, I come in here to enjoy the conversation..

How can I as an objective person say Duran is 1-10 when I do not believe it at all and I have criteria for thinking this. For me to rate Roberto as 1-10 when he really did not beat another ATG except Ray, and then he lost so decisively in the rematch would not make sense? Having 4 smiling faces still does not explain how Duran deserves to be top 10,, and what is interesting is you said I am full of myself, yet you are making this about me and not about Duran. So by talking about me, you are doing what you are saying I am pompous for suggesting. I should insert one of your smiling faces to this for effect.
Your "...draw me in comment..." demonstrates pomposity and the opposite of humility, as if anyone's agenda was to "draw you in".
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