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Default Re: Lesnar Overeem, what was Lesnar thinking!

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Everyone said the surgery affected Brock, yet you whine about Shogun getting a pass

Sucks to be you

And it did affect him. It would be ridiculous to write off his losses like they never happened, but they did happen. His health problems were as bad or worse than any high-profile MMA guy's and certainly took a lot out of him, but so what?

I just don't like Brock haters pretending like he wasn't ****, was a total fraud and had no legit wins.

Also for the record, I can't be bothered going back through the thread, but I don't recall scurla acknowledging that Brock's health problems essentially ruined him as a fighter. All I hear from that guy is that Brock sucks, was a fraud, **** Dana, **** Zuffa, Brock was fake, can't fight, etc etc etc.

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