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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
I scored Could-Campillo a draw.

CAMPILLO: 2,3,5,7,8,9,10

Most people seemed to score it for Campillo but in the 114--112 range. This is where my logic and yours part ways, as I have outlined on the last couple of pages. The Board, as is explained in the charter, do overturn robberies, but not borderline cases or even seemingly bad decisions; only outright robberies. I obviously don't consider this to be such and there is certainly no will to go back and change it retrospectively.

So, this means Cloud is unbeaten, as per his record, and I, as did the judges, saw his victory over Johnson as pretty clean. Gonzalez, Woods, Johnson, Zuniga, Mack and Campillo is as good as anyone in the division has at the moment.

The only areas my personal opinion differs to the board's at LHW. is that I would have Pascal below Kovalev. Other than that, I think we're golden.
I remember watching it thinking Campillo dominated that fight. I also remember that most people felt the same way.

Here is an article entitled "Theft in Corpus Christi" on a little website called Eastside Boxing. Paul Strauss is the author.

Scott Christ at another prominent website did an article called
Cloud vs Campillo Results: Gabriel Campillo Robbed Again, This Time in Texas

from that piece :
The absolute closest I could see this fight would be 114-112 for Campillo, which is the card that Showtime unofficial scorer Chuck Giampa had. That would be eight rounds to four for for Campillo.

The two judges who scored for Campillo had one world title fight between them. Also from that piece: Twitter erupted with fighters saying they felt Campillo was robbed, including Bernard Hopkins, Paulie Malignaggi, and Ishe Smith,

another prominent website entitled their piece
A Terrific Fight Marred: Gabriel Campillo Robbed in Corpus Christi

By Briggs Seekins
(Featured Columnist)

A Terrific Fight Marred: Gabriel Campillo Robbed in Corpus Christi

They took a poll on that website and 94.3% of the respondents said he was robbed.

another prominent headline at yet another prominent boxing website was
Campillo Robbed Vs Cloud,

Following the telecast’s co-feature, SHOWTIME ****yst Al Bernstein said, “How this fight could be scored 116-110 on a judge’s scorecard is beyond comprehension. It’s one of the most egregious decisions I’ve ever seen.” The crowd echoed this sentiment with a cacophony of boos from the 4,599 in attendance following the announcement of the decision for Cloud over Campillo.

All you have to do is go the comments sections of these articles and see that you are clearly in the minority in thinking the fight was anything other than a clear decision for Campillo.

from yet another long time well known boxing writer: My scorecard read 116-112 for the Spaniard Campillo. Historian Ronald Marshall gave Cloud the first, sixth & final (12) round (115-113), while ----com writer Socrates Palmer had Cloud winning only the first and last, meaning a 116-112 win for Campillo!

Interesting point from one of the ENDLESS comments about how this fight was a robbery: Judge Dennis Nelson is certified by the Association of Boxing Commissions and had Capillo winning. Judges David Robertson and Joel were NOT certified by the ABC and ruled for Cloud.

ANOTHER headline from one of the biggest boxing sites: Tavoris Cloud decisions Campillo in a harsh robbery.

that thread behind that fight has ten pages of people screaming robbery and calling for suspension of the judges

here is esb telling you its a total robbery

here are the fans there at the fight saying its bs

Look if it is a CLEAR victory for one guy over the other, it doesnt matter if its 114-112 or 120-108, hell, usually when they ROB someone they make it an SD or an MD anyways, this idea that its only a robbery if the guy who clearly won the fight did so by a landslide, is a silly idea in my opinion.

Seems to me that the majority of people have this a four point fight in Campillo's favor, based on what I am reading.

Cloud gets three points in the first, and wins two other rounds. The other nine points are Campillos.

I would like to see your draw card so I can see the rounds that you gave to Cloud that nobody else did.

If EVERYONE agrees (and assuming they are correct) that Campillo one by four points, or at the worst TWO points, then THAT my friend is a ROBBERY.

I can't find anybody making a case that this fight was a draw or a cloud victory. It was a very very very clear Campillo victory

here is yet another thread here at esb saying it was a robbery

If you can turn a fight upside down, sideways, shake it up, reanalyze it and you cant make a case that the guy that won it deserved to win it, how is that NOT a robbery???

Now on the other side of this, there are many fights that are called a robbery because of idiotic fans trying to use strong words to build a weak case. Fights that you can strongly argue that the actual victor was the real victor. However, I couldn't find any boxing intellects trying to take that position from what I have been reading. I can't find the so called voices of sanity that get beyond the emotionalism of screaming robbery and saying "hey watch this one closely, Cloud actually won, or it was a draw"

And most people seem to have Campillo by more than two points from everything I have been reading.

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