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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Originally Posted by Stovepipe View Post
Therefore this is NOT a BORDERLINE case. If it is a CLEAR TWO TO FOUR POINT VICTORY then there is nothing borderline about that.
Its the clarity that you need to focus on. If one guy beats another guy by five seconds in a mile run and they say the other guy won that came in second, you don't say "well he was only five seconds behind him so lets let it pass"

This wasn't some sort of photo finish. The overwhelming consensus is that Cloud either won HANDILY or won at the VERY LEAST by two points.

You need to change your definition of what a robbery is. I understand your idea that well if its close and it goes one way we won't rule against it, but in my opinion you ought to simply have everyone watching it and ranking just base their rankings on what they saw and take in consideration the judges as much as they themselves wish to, what is the point of having a rankings system if it gets over ruled by the innate corruption of the system and factors that into its very rankings??? Who needs a system like that?

In any event, its bizarre to me to just play along as if Cloud actually won the fight and rank him accordingly when everyone knows he got a beat down by Campillo. This is make believe land, then?

I mean where is the logic in this: Well, it was a clear victory for Campillo, I had it a draw, the majority of fans thought Campillo won, but since the judges said Cloud won, I'll just rank it as if he really did.

I mean, the whole point of doing your own rankings is to completely defy the utter bull**** we are being fed by the alphabets and ring mag etc, and here you are just factoring it in!
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