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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

Originally Posted by Stovepipe View Post

Ok I missed that before I will have to rewatch, you are waaaay out on a limb. Most give him, at the most two, or at the very best, three rounds after the first. Doesn't mean you are wrong but you are in a very tiny minority from what I am seeing.
alright I rewatched your rounds and I can see the case for Cloud in those rounds.....I think you are might be subtracting from Campillo because he showboated but hell, they had to look at Cloud and were thinking of stopping it in the 11th due to cuts and Cloud basically had one great shot in the 11th, Campillo showboated in the 12th but even with that landed some nice shots, are you scoring cloud moving forward and not landing and trying to make the fight, I get that, and I do that, but really, I am of the opinion that scoring even rounds is a good idea, a preferred idea, this silly notion that we must choose one or the other is absurd, really, both the 11th and the 12th favored Campillo but yes you can make a case for Cloud in both rounds, however, the whole case for Cloud getting a draw is a very shaky one, however, I must concede it IS not outside of the realm of reason, so I must concede if you are of that opinion than in your eyes a Cloud victory is not a robbery, however, you still shouldn't base your rankings as if the guy won, when it is still a much fairer and reasonable notion that he not only lost but lost cleanly and clearly.

Therefore, its ridiculous to have Cloud ranked above Campillo and hence, the guy that REALLY beat Campillo, Kovalev.

I mean, your ENTIRE ranking system is at the utter MERCY of corrupt judging. Think about that for a minute. If one of those judges actually scored the fight more reasonably your entire ranking system would be turned upside down because Campillo would have won.

So, therefore, your entire ranking system is polluted by the very thing that we want to get away from when we make our own ranking systems, which is BS judging. When making your own ranking system you should not give so much credence to judging when it is this bad.

I really want you to think about this: One judge goes the other way and your rankings are shuffled around. You should instead, just have everyone in your group evaluate the fights and weigh them accordingly. Its absolutely silly to have a guy that clearly got beaten given credit for clearly winning.
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