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Default Re: Lesnar Overeem, what was Lesnar thinking!

Originally Posted by latineg View Post
i do not think brock was unbeatable if trained right or anything like that, that said i think if he had been trained right he would of shredded reem, well more or less, lol, his fight plan was STUPID, love him or hate him Frank Mir mirrored what i feel so many seasoned fans were thinking witch was WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING ???? ,,, I could not believe it, i felt he was MENTALLY not OK possibly from the Cain fight ? Do i got that order right ? lol, i dont know, Brock looked like he was WAITING to be BEATEN, sure when they clashed a few times he still had his size , strength and speed but he looked like he had ZERO confidence and was in a semi FROOZEN state of SHELL SHOCK so mentally preoccupied with loosing that he was almost fighting himself inside, i know what i speak i got knocked out thinking like this once and watched myself on video after and damned if i didnt have that look brock had in his eyes , that total clued out look, that look you think makes you look tough when everyone but you feels bad just looking at you,,,,,Ok fine reems knees are ****ing wrecking *****, but that was after the fact for the most part,,,,anyways i am not bad mouthing Brock as a person, i am just saying that in my opinion he did not look mentally committed to that Reem fight, almost like he was a bit confused if he really wanted to risk taking big damage and hey i will not ever hate on a guy for that, it can be a very good thing
That was hard to read but i get what you are saying

I still think Lesnar was scared ****less about a guy who was a kickboxer (meaning he could ****'n punch and kick like a mule) and just as big as him.
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