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Default Re: Shadowboxing with dumbells

Originally Posted by GlassJaw***ist View Post
A boxer knows his body better than some quack nutritionist or trainer. I often see you post on this forum like you are some kind of expert. Aren't you the twerp who had the gall to critique AngloSaxon's physique without so much as posting your own pics?

Why is it that the self-proclaimed "experts" on this forum are the ones who spend a disproportionate amount of time online, and thus can't possibly work out much or get sufficient sunlight?
Sports centers have had cut backs due to councils saving money, a lot of the sports center workers end up on here.

I used to shadowbox with dumbbells and I can safely say it increases everything. Once your speed increases with dumbbells imagine how fast you are when you lose them.

Great thread and advice as always from Team Elite.
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