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Default Re: the win that got Duran into the top 10?

Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
Your "...draw me in comment..." demonstrates pomposity and the opposite of humility, as if anyone's agenda was to "draw you in".
pomposity? That is not my nature, and most people who see my comments know I comment without arguing and calling names. If I was going to do that I wouldn't waste my time on a boxing forum. I come to discuss and enjoy myself.
As for my comment about drawing me in, I see comments on the Duran threads before I even comment "where is Mag?" and other things. People want me to come to these threads and that is fine, and they probably think it makes the threads more entertaining to have differing opinions-but the truth is I do not comment just to create a back and forth discussion or for entertainment. I really do comment mainly when I see a comment about how great a win Duran over Leonard was, or Duran beating Moore was such a great win and so was the Barkley win, yet the Benitez and Hearns wins are ignored because Duran was out of shape.

Like I always said Duran is not in shape for his fights vs. the greatest guys he ever fought, but he is in shape for Moore and Barkley? I always thought that excuse and the little Duran moving up in weight and being so old as really bad excuses given the fact he did indeed fight at 154 in 1978 before Hearns,Leonard and Benitez. His fans say he is great for beating Moore and Barkley, but the Hearns and Benitez fights don't matter because he was out of shape. Why would he train for Moore and Barkley and not Hearns and Benitez? How does that make sense? It really doesn't. That is like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James saying now I am in the NBA finals. let me not try as hard.
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