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Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post
No. You are right.

There is no sport quite like it within martial arts I don't think...

I'm Checkmat and if I was told about a great seminar at the GB club with Rickson I wouldn't go out of respect.

Also you have to look at the lineage of your instructor and think are you proud of that? If not you are in the wrong place.

The instructor I don't mesh with is actually under Rickson, and Rickson came to do a seminar which I missed much to my regret. Lineage is not a priority with me, as long as I feel my skill level is deserving of a black belt but obviously lineage and skill level are sometimes correlated. As it happens, the black belt I was thinking of switching to is a Ralph Gracie black belt so luckily lineage is not a problem.
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