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Default Re: Bodybuilding,Fitness, image conscious people, nutrition etc advice

Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
Jdsm I will be your friend if you want mate

Anglo you've mentioned your boxing career before I was just interested in knowing your record etc. Did you have any pro fights?

Also you definitely look the best out of those guys but in fairness I have mates who looked better than a few of them at 18.
I didn't have pro fights no.

I would do a 1 off white collar event now but I would have to get back into sparring. I had been considering turning myself back towards MMA and having a few fights in that, but I am not sure as I am 33 I am very well preserved and I am not sure if I want to risk that, a broken tooth, broken nose something annoying.

On stage and in person those guys were in good shape, pics don't always tell the story, all of them were big guys and to get to that condition and having muscle mass is very hard and they all put a lot of work into it so it's unfair to make a sweeping judgement on anyone of them. It takes a lot for a guy to build himself up, strip the excess and then get up on stage infront of thousands of people, it was a 1st timer show and they all did it.

The guys who finished above me were all in amazing shape and deserved to be ahead of me, it was also unusual for guys like that to even enter a 1st time, they usually go to novice or a class, Novice only had 3 people in, mine was packed and the standard very high. In the bottom part of the pic, the guy completely shredded didn't even make top 4. The tall lump won, I don't think he should have his conditioning was **** next to the others he was just massive.
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