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Default Re: the win that got Duran into the top 10?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
Is this about me or Duran. You call me pompous and then you are making me the topic of this thread and not Duran. Duran was not a small guy in weight and handling bigger weights. He went up in weight more than any of the fab 4, and much higher than Benitez ever did. Like I said he was at 154 in 1978 before Benitez,Hearns or Leonard ever fought there. What am I lying about?
And when I see a thread about Duran I try to avoid it because it does not get anywhere. I find myself repeating what I have said before. My opinion will not change on the subject since I have believed what I believe about Duran since the late 1980s.
But if I see a comment that the best win in boxing history is Duran over Leonard when Duran was prime and Ray was still improving, and still Ray fought his fight and Duran could not knock him out, I have a hard time not commenting because I know in my heart that no way is that win the greatest in history. And people saying little Duran moving up and beating the great Ray Leonard is making Duran small and Ray great just to make the win greater, when Duran handled the weight well and Ray was not the peak champion he was later.
Ray was not yet a great fighter. He was improving, and if you do not understand how a great fighter is always a work in progress from when he was younger, than I am not sure discussing anything here matters. The fact that Ray retired in 1982 makes 1980 seem like he was prime, but had he fought like Hearns did the whole decade and into the 1990s, 1980 would have been seen more as his learning years, which it was.
You lied on a previous thread when you wrote that Duran was naturally bigger than Benitez. That is a lie. You wrote that Duran fought at 154 before Hearns and Benitez. Fair enough. But that does NOT make Duran naturally bigger than those 2. That claim simply isn't logical. And you NEVER avoid a Duran thread on the Classic. Why you lied about that I've no idea. In fact you make threads that have nothing to do with Duran into threads about him. And if Leonard was "not yet a great fighter" when he fought Duran, then according to that logic, Benitez could not have been a great fighter because as we all know Leonard knocked him out before Lenny fought Duran. Again, you've no logic there. If you prefer to avoid commenting on Duran in various threads and would like to not "be drawn into his threads", I'll make a deal with you. You don't comment on any more Duran threads, and I won't comment on any more of your comments. Just for the record, people don't write "Where's Mag?" because they want you to repeat the same illogic. They just expect you to comment about Duran because you can't help yourself.
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