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Default Re: nicky cook got taken apart

Originally Posted by David UK
I never thought Cook was good enough to beat Harrison and I didn't think he'd beat Luaveno either(in fact I won a few quid betting aginst Cook) One look at Cook's record show the best fighter he's beaten is probably Dazzo Williams and to my mind, that's nowhere near sufficient grounding to successfully fight for a world title. Boxing News did a good article on Luaveno recently and he sounded as if he'd be a handful, and he was far to good for Cook
Exactly David my good man, glad you won yourself some cash, although I would have never bet against one of my own diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks I suppose.

As for Luaveno, Im disappointed ESB went down as I had a big conversation about him a while back with the much loved wee mexican fella Freddywak, cos Harrison was rumoured to be fighting him. I have two Luaveno fights, but I decided to keep quiet about his fight with Cook as I seen Luaveno as the american version of Nicky Cook, flashy record but untested. However, when it comes to american prospect vs British prospect, 9 out of 10 times the american prospect will win, due to superior training, sparring etc.

My gloat was just on a personal level as a certain James Wilson couldnt get enough of telling me how Nicky Cook would have spanked Scott Harrison for as long as I can remember.

Im enjoying his silence now, cos thats how I roll
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