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Default Re: My 14th fight !!!

Round 1:

Overall in my view, this round looked pretty even for both you and your opponent. Each time one of you went for 2-3 shots, the other responded with about the same number back and you were both making each other miss shots. However, I felt you had superior head movement (bobbing/weaving) whilst your opponent had better footwork.

I think maybe the judges could have scored this round in favour of your opponent because of the down, it definitely looked like a slip but it could have been scored a knockdown.

Round 2:

I think you won this round because you were landing the more accurate and cleaner shots and you were making your opponent miss his shots with good blocking and bobbing and weaving of the head (4:50-5:01). Your opponent was still doing pretty good, but you were landing the more accurate shots.

Round 3:

This is the round that I think your opponent beat you. He was much more active in this round than the previous round and was throwing more flurries. After a little while into the round, he started throwing flurries of 2-3 punches when you only responded with 1 punch each time. He was also making you miss shots since he noticed you were only aiming for his head (8:58-9:22).

Look at 9:13 especially, he threw like 4 shots and you responded with 1 which missed. You did pin him against the ropes near the end of round (10:30-10:44) and threw some good shots but I don't think it was enough to recover from before.


I think the decision was pretty fair since judges don't like to score bouts a draw. I personally think it was closer to a draw if the down is scored as a slip rather than a knockdown.


I think you should work on throwing more punches and combinations when close to your opponent, not allowing your opponent to finish his combinations. I think you should also work on your footwork and being more quicker on your feet to close the distance between you and your opponent.

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