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Default Re: My 14th fight !!!

Maybe you were a little tight in the first round? He was moving in with that left hook/swing and caught you with that 4 times I think I counted, and 2-3 with that right hand. That suprised me, as he was really swinging it.
You started coming on, which, having seen you fight a few times now, seems to be your way. But he was coming in and getting his hands off, 3 or 4 punches, and getting out. To often, your counter caught only air. I think a draw would have been fair, but I can see why he won, and I'm pretty certain that, over 6 you'd win clearly.
I hate to keep going back to the same thing, but the problem you have with your footwork kind of let you down here. He was able to move in, punch and move away before you could really get your punches off, and you often had trouble getting set. He was right there, throwing punches with his chin up, but your timing- your ablity to time him, I should say- was a half beat off.
Watch the Chavez/Rosario fight for an example...Chavez won so easily because he could move in close and punch hard- whereas Rosario needed more space and more time to punch effectively because of his feet. Watch that fight and watch their feet and you'll see what I'm getting at.
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