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Default Re: Bodybuilding,Fitness, image conscious people, nutrition etc advice

Originally Posted by ruttmk42 View Post
you should get into politics, u put a positive spin on everything

let me guess i am lefty as well
I just tell the truth, though my no-nonsense assertive approach would bode well in politics, maybe one day.

I had my torso waxed today and looking amazing, took a tanning injection, 2 more days of those then bam, I am set for the spring. I will post a new pic in a few days before I leave for Canada.

I have some documentary clips saved and will continue more with Team Jamidio when in Canada, I think it would be good to for an insight into a bodybuilders lifestyle, plus there's two of us and we are very alike.

It will be great, clips in the gym, in bars and dance floors doing the gun show, plus more personal moments like when we have to part ways again.
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