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Default Re: Bernard Hopkins vs Marvin Hagler.

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
It would be remiss not to mention the same thing for Hopkins though, who basically let guys like Taylor, Dawson and Calzaghe outhustle him without taking the chances needed to maybe turn things his way.

Yes I know he arguably won the Taylor and Calzaghe fights but hey, Hagler arguably won the Leonard fight too and in all truth comfortably outpointed Duran.
I think there's a difference though; in Hopkins' fights, he wasn't allowed the space to work as he usually would. Calzaghe stalked and peppered him consistently, as did Dawson, and Taylor's jab and ability to hang back forced Hopkins to engage. Hagler seemed to neglect the obvious. Duran fought a smart, competitive fight, but not a busy one, so I consider it Hagler's imperative to press. Using an orthodox stance against Leonard for 4 straight rounds was just puzzling. Although you could argue Leonard was also removing the space for Hagler to do his usual work. And I'm starting to get the sense that same-stanced fighters can pressure each other more effectively.

But you do have a point in that Hopkins' reluctance to take chances was there. I don't think he'd go out on his shield if he felt he had in his own mind somehow fought the better fight.
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