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Default Re: For you Margo Haters!

Originally Posted by Jose FM
Ok, just for the record, in your eyes, Who won the first PBF/JLC fight?
Man you seriously need to shut up..I mean for real. A margo hater. You got floyd is a puto in your damned avatar....clown...You are a supreme floyd hater. Margo fought and lost to a tough YOUNG fighter with alot of potential but is still unpolished. He is still green to me. He could of tore margaritos body up with his str8 left hand all night but he was head hunting too much. Funny thing was margarito tried to fight like clottey tonight after watching the fight again just but clottey can actually counter punch and does not have to wait forever and a day to get his shots off or a combo off. Marg lost b/c he could not put two punches together the fight was close. I give marg 5 rounds now b/c Williams did miss alot more than I originally thought. MARGARITO IS NOT A SKILLED FIGHTER IN THE SLIGHTEST. He is tough as they come and strong but that is it. I mean every POWER punch he has is wide and looping. That aint hot. His str8 punches are slow as baldomir with less accuracy. And he has none. He fought the best to his abilitiy so I give him credit. But he is not on the A list especially now. B/c PW was most def not on it before this fight and now after it. He is a tough oppenent for anybody. But he is not the favorite to win against any other top welter including cintron. I think Cintron is the worst boxer out of the bunch but he has true power. I mean he is a surgeon with that right hand now under steward. If margarito beats him again and makes him cry like the last time he should be back in the mix. But for now he is off to the land of espn with Zab Judah. Or rematch clottey to settle that. He would get beat worse in a rematch.
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