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Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Fair enough that this bloke's taken offence to the troll's comments and tried to engage him to back his words up, but Gonzo's right in that if anything had happened to the troll the police wouldn't have had much work to do to build an assault case against the boxer.

Anyhoo, I think it's a joke that basically anyone who says a contrary word against someone on their twitter aco**** is immediately branded a troll.

That whole Charlotte Dawson episode was disgusting, that stupid ***** has never been backwards in coming forwards in telling people what she thinks of them, was found to have tweeted comments in the past at others that can just as easily be construed as bullying, but got so offended at someone telling her to **** off that she attention-*****d/twittered a fake suicide attempt and called herself an ambulance, occupied a hospital bed for a couple of nights and then gained further publicity confronting one of her trolls on national TV, all at the same time she had a book coming up for she's some sort of anti-bullying ambassador
A book on what exactly? Maybe how to be a **** and fuxk every sports star she sees fit..... She's some ugly opinated old kiwi hag that is a complete looney.

Who the **** would buy that book .
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