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Default Re: Bernard Hopkins vs Marvin Hagler.

Originally Posted by Waynegrade View Post
Hopkins would hurt Hagler ??/ There goes your credibility. I have to alugh at you genius`s who say that said fighter would `hurt` Hagler. Who was never decked and had an anvil of a chin. Thats like saying if Ali got hit just so, he would have been knocked out ! Hopkins is not making Marvin take notice. You night sell me on Hop beaing able to outbox hagler... But outfight him and being a bigger nager or hrting him?/ Thats just delusional on your part. Nobdoy hurts Hagler or beats him in a war of attrition. And he didn`t look for `outs` in his fight either ...
Okay smart guy, I'll concede the entire argument if you can point out a single use of the word 'hurt' in my original post.

My point is that Hopkins hit hard enough to get Hagler's respect, just like Ray Leonard managed to get it.
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