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Default Re: Bernard Hopkins vs Marvin Hagler.

Originally Posted by Waynegrade View Post
No pal, just reality. And not buying into the hype ... Love how you guys love to say,`Hagler was hurt` ... Even though your talking about a guy who fought any and all comers and never hit the deck. And because I and some others, don`t agree with your point of view, I wear rose colored glasses ??? It`s typical , Hagler wasn`t given a shot for years he TRULY earned it. And no alphabet titles for him, the real deal. And he still doesn`t get the proper respect.
It's not 1982 anymore, Hagler gets all the respect he deserves and rightly so. He's much loved and respected by modern boxing fans more so then even SRL and Hearns. People appreciate his long hard journey to the top and doing things the hard way. As a MW Hagler is ahead of Hopkins in a ATG sense atleast in my opinion anyway i'd say Hagler is top 3 while Hopkins at best is top 5 BUT in a h2h prime for prime fight people recognise Hopkins brings the ring IQ and phyiscal tools to defeat Hagler but that doesn't diminish Haglers greatness.

For example personally speaking I rank Hopkins higher then Jones in a general ATG sense but h2h i'd give Hopkins no more then a 20% chance to beat Jones prime for prime.
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