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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by lefe View Post
I think Rocky wins.I know he was small but he had great physical power for small man.He was not easy to hit unlike many experts on this forum thinks and he had big,big punch.He would do pressure wit low bob and weave,hitting Wladimir to the body,that big muscle arms constantly and knocked him out.He was very unorthodox fighter and punching from all angles with his punches,hooks,uppercuts,overhand rights.I know everybody says he was small,slow but he would not be slow for Klitschko.His upper body movement was pretty fast,I am sure that fighters like Walcott,Charles,La Starza were much faster than Klitcshko and had much more number of punches than Klitschko. People just can't figure that Marciano was different animal than today fighters,he was non stop punching power machine.Like Archie Moore said one time about George Foreman comeback:'Sure that George can be champion again.There is not heavyweights like Marciano today.'
I think Moore was talking about Marciano his willpower and not his physical size/strength
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