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Default Most relaxed fighters in the ring.

Who are the most relaxed fighters in the ring? James Toney springs to mind first. I've never really seem him flustered or effected by nervous energy, he just kind of relaxes and does his thing. I DONT MEAN LAZY FIGHTERS, they can be very aggressive offensive fighters but they key is that they have great composure. An aging Duran had this quality as well. Probably in his youth as well but he's portrays/acts like a mad man filled with rage but I think he's really relaxed in there for the most part. George Foreman in his later career kept up with the young guys party because in my opinion he was so relaxed. He'd walk them down but he had the attitude of a cool vetren. Nothing you could throw at George in his second career he hadn't seen before I think that helped him conserve energy. I think being relaxed in general definitely conserves your energy...

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